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C3 is an organization comprised of education professionals working to support students with career exploration opportunities.
Our site is currently undergoing construction. Thank you for your patience!

Career Exploration
An early lead on work and life

Where to Start

Connect with a C3 member in your area. Talk about the ways you and/or your organization are willing to work with local districts to raise awareness and access to quality Maine careers.  There are many ways to partner with schools.

Small Steps

You do not need to host a semester-long internship to get involved! While we are always looking for places that can be involved at deeper levels, most of us run a number of programs that could benefit from a variety of commitment levels. We utilize speakers who come in for just one class period, offer 1/2 day job shadows, and even have members who are seeking nothing more than a 15-minute phone conversation with a student.

Nurturing Partnerships

Each C3 member is committed to developing a sustainable program, which means we want to know when you are feeling over-extended or stressed about your level of commitment. We want to talk with you about what is a realistic level of involvement, and will always honor that. We would much rather develop a long-term relationship with less-frequent touchpoints than a connection that is going to fizzle out. 

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